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Web Host Superb Internet Launches White-Label Reseller Hosting
By Nicole Henderson, November 21, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) –Web hosting provider Superb Internet announced on Monday that it has launched white label shared reseller hosting that includes a free billing platform. According to the press release, …
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Starting December 1st, and continuing on through the New Year, will be giving out the first month free on any standard or reseller web hosting plan when using coupon code 1st-mo-FREE at signup. “With many suffering from economic woes this …
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Question by ddnc_dave: What’s the best way to promote my web hosting reseller business?
Seems like a scam already I know, but seriously, it’s a good program with great prices. Nearly half the spam I get is about hosting programs, so that seems like a waste of time. Should I run more traditional ads in the paper? I personally hate radio ads so that’s out, and my budget is on the small side, so what’s left?

It seems everywhere you look these days there are people plugging some cheap or discount hosting that they run from their basement. This is a really good program backed by a large vendor. How do you get that across though?

Any help is appreciated.

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Answer by kieran_deep11
First thing you have to do is create a professional looking website(presently you are using a website provided by godaddy)
After creating proffesional looking website
These are the steps you have to do
1)directory submissions
2)article submissions
3)Post on webmaster related forums and blogs(dont spam)

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Question by faisal117a: i need HELM control panel version 4 master reseller web hosting. where big space bandwidth and small prices?
i need a HELM 4 master reseller web hosting account. tell me a reliable root company which provides big space and monthly transfer at small prices, i already lost a huge amount in different fake companies…i need a popular company which is working best from years. i can also afford windows VPS but with small price but HELM is neccessory. please help me out.

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For HELM 3 I Recomend you & for VPs / Dedicated server option with own choice controlpanel try

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  1. Jon Allen says:

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