May 26, 2016 · Web Design · Comments Off on Dell Taps Startup to Help Distribute Cloud Services in China

Dell is supporting a new cloud computing company in China, designed to tap into the small and medium-sized enterprise and local government …


November 20, 2011 · Hosting News · Comments Off on Rackspace Hosting taps tech talent with SF office

Laughing Squid Cloud Hosting Launch Party – 08
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Rackspace Hosting taps tech talent with SF office
Engineers meet at Rackspace Hosting Inc.'s new office South of Market, where the data center operator hopes to hire top Bay Area tech talent. The San Antonio company is second to Amazon Web Services in the cloud-hosting business. …
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Flex Discovery Extends Managed Service Offerings with the Addition of Cloud
The innovative offering provides law firms and corporations all the benefits of cloud computing for managing e-discovery without the security challenges of sharing the organization's environment in a public cloud. Utilizing dedicated computing …
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Logicworks Targets Large-Scale AWS Customers with New PowerCluster Cloud Service
By Nicole Henderson, November 17, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Web hosting provider Logicworks announced on Thursday that it has launched infiniCloud PowerCluster, a cloud service designed for large-scale cloud computing customers. …
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Question by Citizen: What are issues with hosting a database on the cloud?
We want to use cloud computing to host an application. Due to volume, the database can take 10+ hours to index the data.
If the individual server that is hosting the database goes down, will we have to wait for the data to be re-indexed or is this type of redundancy built in to the cloud?
I hate Y!Answers because people like “bassthathz” can give a stupid answer and get points because they were the only person to write anything.

Best answer:

Answer by bassthathz
Depends on what you mean by “goes down”…

If the sole server loses power and the hardware fails, it ain’t gonna do anything now is it?

If that is the case, the host better give a good discount for that months bill 🙂

I think you are confusing the term “cloud” with high-availability database clustering.

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