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Question by Dodo Birdy: What should I know about web hosting companies?
I’m about to buy web hosting for my first website and I found this interesting article:


Five Things to Know About Web Hosting Companies Before Buying Hosting Services

What else should I know about web hosting companies before giving them my money?

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Answer by Salalee
the best method is to try free web hosting services first
some good web hosting companies supply free web hosting services
The main aim is to win customer and keep customer
if you are satisfied with it,you can update your account by a suitable price
if you not, try another
I recommend you that you can consider this free web hosting offer

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*** 100 GB of data transfer
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*** cPanel control panel
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it’s steady and fast
good offer
you can have a try

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Question by circus: what is web hosting and what is ist used for?
what is web hosting and what is it used for by individuals? thanks

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Answer by Neil
To have your own web site where people can upload or download you need to pay a web host !

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SMBs cheer government IT procurement shakeup
The changes include capping IT contracts at £100m and a ban on automatic deal extensions. Hosting contracts will also be limited to a two-year maximum and firms supplying services to the public sector will no longer be able to provide systems …
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AMD debuts first ARM processor
The larger data centers and hosting providers might be the first to consider ARM, and, over time, ARM may filter down to enterprise companies as well, Moorhead said. Moorhead also noted that Intel is not going to cede its dominance in the server …
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Question by D.T.: Should I get a shared or a reseller hosting account?
i want to host multiple websites…some people suggested that i go with a shared account w/ addon domains, but some say reseller is better.

what’s the difference between a shared and a reseller account?

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Answer by The Fifth
Most shared hosting accounts allow for multiple domains to be hosted under one control panel. You can add addon domains and have each website’s content in a separate folder/directory.

You can accomplish the same thing with a reseller account, however you will have more control over how much resources (space and bandwidth) would be available for each website. Each domain will also have its own control panel so transferring a certain site to another host wouldn’t be much of a hassle as opposed to if you had everything on one shared account.

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