April 12, 2011 · Web Hosting · Comments Off on A Few Ideas About Business Website Hosting

Lots of businesses nowadays are starting to have their own websites. In fact, if you do not you are starting to appear archaic and behind the times. But for some people with their own businesses, getting in on this trend is easier said than done. Below are some tips for getting started with business website hosting to boost your business and stay up to date.

Create an Easy Layout Design

One thing above all that frustrates consumers or potential customers is a website that is difficult to navigate. If you go onto a website and cannot clearly see how it is organized within a few seconds it is easy to get fed up. Often this will make people decide it just is not worth the effort. When designing your site, make sure you have simple yet attractive layout, with clearly labeled and readily visible menus and links. Also, make sure that all your information is organized properly within these links so someone will not have to try to guess where to click.

Advertise Your Page

There is no point to building a website, and spending so much time and effort on a web design if no one know about it. Remember, promoting your web address is almost as important as promoting your physical location. Put the URL on all your business cards, or on advertising banners, or just tell all your customers about it as you see them. Another thought is to pay a nominal monthly fee for making sure your page comes up at the top of search engines.

Creating the Page

Even if you basically know what you want, it can still be difficult to figure out just how to translate that idea to the computer, especially for those not as adept s figuring out such things. You should feel confident in the fact that you do not need to hire anyone extra or pay a lot of money to do this. For a very small monthly fee, many websites will host your web page and give you a domain name. Another helpful part of this is these places usually give you various templates for layouts so you do not have to be a photoshop genius to find a trendy, simple design.

Business website hosting is easier than it may at first appear. If you have your own website, you will appear to be up to date and modern, and it is also a great way to get more customers. The cost is minimal, and the return is extremely good.

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February 5, 2011 · Internet Marketing · Comments Off on Ethics and Internet Marketing

My internet passion started back in 2003. A little eBook set me on the road, it was Google Cash by Chris Carpenter. I set up a few campaigns in a relatively competition free Australia and started making money directly promoting affiliate programs.

Having had some great initial success, I got a little disappointed as I watched new entrant after new entrant come into the market, copying my campaigns and forcing the cost of pay per click (PPC) advertising up. This combined with Google’s enhancements (which did make their search engine work better, just not for affiliates) made the time involved in managing a Google Cash style business, to be way in excess what the diminishing returns would compensate.

So I changed my approach. I started to build websites and learn about search engine optimization. I still used PPC marketing, but to drive traffic to my own websites while they optimized in the organic search terms. The result for me was half a dozen highly optimized and profitable website businesses. Of these, only one has its own product. The others either promote affiliate programs or sell advertising space.

During this time, I have frequently been asked by small and medium sized businesses to help them with their internet marketing. I’ve never promoted myself in this way, they all came to me from word of mouth, referred to me from others I’ve done a good job for. The business owners who have come to me all had two things in common. First, they could see potential for their business on the internet. Second, their efforts had been frustrated by an unscrupulous and poorly skilled internet operator.

That’s the problem with internet marketing. Its not a university degree, its not a regulated industry. Anyone can and does call them self an internet marketer. That’s why internet professionals as an industry have such a bad reputation. Our industry is packed with graphic designers who know nothing about marketing and professional marketers who know nothing about the internet.

These charlatans contact me every week trying to sell their services. I can see clearly their modus operendi. They base all their actions on the fact that most business owners are pretty ignorant when it comes to the internet. Therefore, a few nice graphs and some confusing industry jargon is all they offer and expect it to be enough to make a sale. This is despite their general lack of substance when it comes to delivery.

For example, my tourism business hires out surfboards on Australia’s Gold Coast. Do a Google search on “Gold Coast Surfboard Hire” or even just “surfboard hire” for that matter. I’m sure you’ll find me, mine is Gold Coast Surfboards. Clearly for the product I am selling, I am very well optimised in the search engines.

Despite the fact that this business is optimized in the search engines for the phrases that are relative to the product, I still get SEO “professionals” contacting me trying to sell their wares. I get contacted every week. Its crazy.

You can see exactly what they do. They find a small business website with the assumption they will know more about the internet than the websites owner. (He after all will be busy running his business) They will look at the main products and then trawl through Google to find a search phrase that the website doesn’t compete well with. Then they try and scare the business owner into signing up for their services.

Using my two examples above, if I had have used these “gurus”, my website would be optimized for 1 specific search phrase which is unrelated to my core business “Surf Board Accessories” and 1 broad phrase that will attract lots of people, most of which are looking to rent a car or a hotel room. These people probably aren’t even going to the Gold Coast. I’m sure the gurus would have taken my money regardless.

If you are a small business owner and get approached by an internet marketer who is going to “turbo boost” your business by getting it up to the top of Google, look carefully at the words they are suggesting they will do this for. There are lots of phrases which anyone can get to #1 as there is no competition for them. This is because no-one uses them to search. So before you sign up an internet marketer, try and get a good understanding of what your clients search for on Google when they are looking for your product.

If you are thinking about doing some work to your website but do not know where to start, ask around. The really good operators work on reputation and do little self promotion. When you do this though, be clear that you are looking for an internet marketer, not a designer or developer. Its one thing to make a masterpiece for the internet like many graphic designers do, but a whole new kettle of fish putting it where all your clients can find it.

If you are an internet professional reading this article, its time for all of us to smarten up. We need to look after the industry and we can only do this by being ethical in the manner in which we operate. So please, stop going out trying to extract a pound of flesh, go out to add value to your clients. Once you are adding value, the new clients will come, following your reputation. Continue operating as you are though and soon no-one will talk to internet professionals anywhere.

Damian Papworth, appalled by the lack of ethics displayed by todays internet professionals, promotes honesty over greed. Also published at Ethics and Internet Marketing.