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Before we discuss on the different types of web hosting as well as their purposes, let us define first what web hosting service is. Web hosting service is the business that serves, house and maintains files for other websites. With the help of a web hosting service, two or more companies share the cost of having a fast Internet connection in that case they all save on money. Web hosting service also allows a person, a company, a business or an organization to have their own website accessible to the web.

The benefit of web hosting is that, since more companies are using the service, they all share in the cost of the fast Internet connection. Those companies or organizations that provide the space to another company or another business is what we call a web host. It is the responsibility of the web host to provide Internet connectivity to his clients. Web hosting is comparable to leasing an office space and then looking for other people that can use it in exchange for a bigger price.

There are so many types of web hosting services, and we will check why some people prefer them. The type of web hosting service that people go for depends on their needs or requirements for their business. Since there are many types of web hosting, their scope also varies. Large companies even though they are not into the Internet based business; they still need computers for correspondence, easy updates, and interconnectivity. To have a computer that has an access to the Internet can be used by the staff to send email. Let us try to find out what are those web hosting services and their purposes.

Dedicated Hosting Service is also known as managed hosting service or dedicated server. This kind of hosting will allow an individual or an organization to showcase their site on the Internet. It is called dedicated because only one person leases the server. In a dedicated server, the person who is leasing the space can choose the hardware and the operating system, and the database is usually on a secured place and it has superfluous power sources fir recovery, and data back up. One type of dedicated hosting is the un-managed or self-managed hosting wherein the client maintains his own security.

Second web hosting is the Shared Web Hosting Service. When two or more website shares the same server, it is called shared web hosting. A website that can share to a server may reach up to thousands in numbers. A shared web hosting can work well if the company does not require high performance, space and bandwidth. Shared web hosting is much cheaper compared to a dedicated web hosting. In order to ensure performance and security of the service, the owner often has IT professionals that monitor and maintain the server. In that case, if ever there are problems in the server, the technical group is responsible in fixing them.

A Reseller Web Hosting allows their clients to become the web host. The account Reseller is responsible in technical concern. In Reseller Web Host account, the owner has their own server; they use the bandwidth and drive space in hosting the website on another companies’ behalf. The host is also not responsible in technical problems that may happen to the server. Another web hosting is the Free Web Hosting Service. From the word itself, the web host offers a free web hosting service. The owner gain income only by advertisements.

There are also web hosting services like Managed and Colocation Web Hosting. Managed web hosting cannot remote any management tool and they cannot manage any data. They do not have all the control on the server. In conclusion, web hosting services is too many, its simply up to us which among those web hosting service are we going to get.

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