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Vexxhost Semi Dedicated Hosting Go Green

Vexxhost known as a significant sign in web hosting providers; announced that the environmental impact of electricity at their data centers is minimal. Vexxhost runs their semi dedicated hosting servers from extremely power efficient. This considers their data-center as one of the greenest data-centers in the world; as the entire power supply is from north America’s largest hydroelectricity producer with 95 % of its production coming from this renewable energy source.

Choosing a Green Web host

Choosing a Green Web hostIf you’re looking to set up a Web site and have been looking for a suitable Web hosting provider, there has recently emerged a new hosting component to consider along with cost, storage bandwidth and the other old measures. You may have noticed the term “green Web hosting” appearing in your searches, an indicator of a trend among many hosting providers toward more environmentally accountable services…read more

Green Website Hosting

Nowadays every time you turn around you are seeing that something is going green. So why not go with green website hosting as well for your business or personal needs. This is not only a way that you can help the environment but you are going to be able to help yourself at the same time. It is a way to keep your costs lowered for the services that you are going to need and to be able to use less energy as well…read more

How Is Green Hosting Helping Mother Earth?

We see a lot of topics on the media today regarding the efforts of preserving the nature and it is really creating a trend in some businesses. We all want to contribute to this act and many type of business out there can do so. What all companies need to do is to reduce their energy consumption. They can do so by purchasing recycled supplies or use alternative energy source for their hosting operations…read more

Green Hosting

Green or Eco-friendly website hosting is a recent addition to the field of website hosting which involves a given website hosting company attempting to prove that they are not having any negative impact on the environment in an attempt to attract consumers. World internet usage statistics show that the internet is still doubling in size in the U.S. and growing from 400 to 1000% a year, worldwide. In fact, the total electric bill to operate those servers and related infrastructure equipment was $2.7 billion in the United States and $7.2 billion worldwide. It is estimated that if energy consumption with web hosting keeps raising at the current rate by 2020 the industry will be more polluting than the airline industry. With so much demand on resources, eco-friendly hosting services, utilizing green marketing, has emerged…read more

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