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Record Turnout Expected for ApplicationXtender/Captiva National Partner Conference
MetaSource, the largest North American provider of EMC's ApplicationXtender Suite of Content Management products, is hosting the 2nd Annual National Partner meeting. The 3-day conference for MetaSource partners and guests who offer EMC's …
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Xpriori Hosts Technology Assisted Review Seminars June 27 in Denver
Xpriori is a partner of OrcaTec and value-added reseller of its OrcaTec Document Decisioning Suite. The suite includes predictive coding, concept search and clustering features, with no extraordinary training costs and time required.
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Question by : which is the best reseller Web hosting company? please give reason?
which is the best reseller Web hosting company? please give reason

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Answer by give me one excuse!
dreamhost… because they offer much for nothing practically.. i’ve been with them 17 yrs and my click throughs even pay my yearly bill.

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Question by gunit: Should I start a Delaware LLC if I am going to start a online-only web hosting reseller business?

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Answer by SunsineRanger
Yes,,,You can..it;s Good one..I got the Domain Reseller account at low cost here
http://www.goresellers.com/ now i am able to sell domain Domain to others,also Hosting plans…also it easy to register Domain name for my own purpose..

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  1. sakki pakki says:

    You can get the Best Reseller Web Hosting Plans at here
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  2. John says:


    – Reliable servers – cloud
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    Check their web site at http://vexxhost.com

  3. Alexandru says:

    I advice you to use: http://bit.ly/al8XUj it is the best reseller web hosting company. here are the details:
    * 50 Gb disk space,
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  4. Roald says:

    Check out http://buywebspacetoday.com/ for some recommended web hosts. HG has a great reseller plan. They have a system that lets your clients have their own username and password, but still under your umbrella account. You can even brand the control panel yourself (“YourCompany Hosting”), have your own billing system, have your own name servers, etc., without your client ever knowing the hosting provider you’re reselling under.

  5. Liu Li says:

    I use wowebhoting for years and happy with them.

  6. Jim Winger says:

    I don’t think it is a good idea if your monthly income from the reseller business is less than $ 10,000 a month

  7. diane Catherine says:

    Click the site :- http://www.goresellers.com/