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Web Host eUKhost Adds R1Soft Backup to Reseller and Shared Plans
By Nicole Henderson, November 10, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) –Web hosting provider eUKhost announced on Thursday that it now offers R1Soft Continuous Data protection backups and archiving with its shared and reseller hosting plans. …
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LuxCloud Provides Resellers with Hosted Open-Xchange
”Small businesses are increasingly looking to purchase multiple services — such as domains, website hosting, messaging and collaboration services and SaaS applications — from a single source,“ said Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange. “Resellers can …
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IT Services Reseller ConnectWise Integrates with Intermedia Partner Portal
By Justin Lee, November 14, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Web hosting and reseller email hosting provider Intermedia announced last week at the ConnectWise IT Nation Partner Summit it is now offering new integration with ConnectWise, …
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Question by sjtafheem: Is reseller web hosting a good revenue generating business?
How many clients do i need to make atleast $ 6k per month.

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Answer by mstrobert
No. Just ask the 10,000 people who are doing it.

As far as how many clients to get to 6K, the real question you need to ask is how much revenue can I get per client? This is specific to your account base. Will they be $ 10/month or $ 100.00/month.

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Question by Samir M ♞: can any body provide me free reseller web hosting guide book.?
Is these reseller web hosting actually work or is a scam .
Any experience of reseller web hosting in India.

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Answer by Lonely H
no sorry.

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2 Comments to “Latest Reseller Web Hosting News”

  1. ParadisePays says:

    Yes it can be but usually people don’t start right off making that kind of money, it may take a bit of marketing effort to see 6K a month, depending on the program you join. A lot of people are making very big money after a couple of years and sometimes it comes from more than one program.

    There are a lot of programs that are nothing but hype so you need to be careful. I’ve joined a lot of them and one that I feel comfortable recommending is:


  2. Dimitri Vleskof says:

    This is probably not a good idea (at all) unless you already have a client-base of people looking for web hosting services or you somehow cater to the industry (and have a reputation).

    Check out the pricing on eBay for web hosting accounts – I just looked & saw an ad for 3 years of ‘unlimited’ web hosting for $ 7.95.

    Reselling web hosting space is not easy (all support issues go to you until you can hire a proper tech) and it would be really, really difficult to pull a profit (let alone $ 6,000/month) without a unique selling position and a large, already-established base of people interested in your services.

    Now – I’m throwing something out here, but you may be able to fast-track your way into the business by an insane offer & excellent services… Setup a contest and give away something like a new car for an active customer at some point down the road. Something like this would likely get an immense amount of press (TV, radio, newspaper, online, etc) & you could bypass the need to advertise as it would be done for you. Obviously there are many different points that you’d need to address so that you didn’t come to financial ruin, but it’s an idea.

    This gist of what I’m saying is this: short of already being in the industry, offering a unique twist to what current hosting accounts offer or stepping out on a dangerous limb to get attention – I don’t think this is a good idea for a business venture.