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IIHT Unveil Cloud Computing Course
With a focus of assisting IT professionals as well as aspirants to acquire skills of cloud computing, IIHT, in collaboration with Microsoft, unveiled the IIHT-certified Cloud Expert program on Friday. The course will help the students to enhance their …
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Why the Cloud Will Bring the App Store Revolution to Enterprise IT
Though I think the term is generally useless as either an analytical tool or category of computing that large entities can and should use in planning strategy, I'm not quite ready to give up on the idea that “the cloud” does have at least some …
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/PRNewswire/ — (NYSE: CRM), the enterprise cloud computing ( company, today announced chairman and CEO Marc Benioff will speak at the Techonomy 2011 Conference on Nov. 13, 2011 at 3:05 pm MT. …
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Question by Christos: Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing Article here:

Cloud Computing would be fun however i would also want to keep my own hard drive for personal files etc…

I thinks its a great idea and i would use it, so does anyone else think they should do it and would you use it??

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Answer by Tim E
Well I use it a lot at work ie with Winterm and the like, however for the home user I think it would not be of much use, I think Mr Bill Gates is thinking of going down this road on the next release.

You will have to have good WAN connection which is not going to happen in the UK for some time yet, and you then get the Security people that would not like it.

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Question by garlin104300: CLOUD COMPUTING?????????????
How can you protect your company from an outage caused by such an issue with cloud computing?

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Answer by Hat

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2 Comments to “IIHT Unveil Cloud Computing Course”

  1. Hugh says:

    You can’t protect your computer, but you can protect your data.

  2. modulo_function says:

    Cloud computing is a big scam. The promoters want you to store you data with them and they control you access. It’s a return to the past. When I started programming in 1971 everything was on a main frame and all we could do was use punch cards that the operators at the computer center would input and we’d return hours later to get out output. Things improved to the point that a user has his own data on his own machine, or a local network, and his own programs. Look at the big promoters of cloud computing: they”re the people that want to make money off storing you data and programs with them. Listen carefully to their ads for the “prices subject to change without notice”. That’s you clue to avoid it.