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Whether you are an adult, teenager or even a child, you definitely own one or more wallets. Different people especially the female population chooses to buy wallets depending on their preferences.

Some people choose wallets based on how much it cost. Since they only need one that can fit bills and credit cards or ids inside they don’t need a wallet that is superfluous and expensive.

For the female population though, price is not much of a factor when choosing wallets. What is important is the outside appearance. They would prefer nice looking and colorful ones as this is women’s nature. Beauty is important to them and most of their money is spent on something that speaks of beauty.

On the other hand, some people like me would prefer choosing wallets based on the quality of its workmanship. Every wallet has the same function yet, the difference lie on the material and the quality of work.

My wallet is a part of me. This little flat case is where I store my personal stuffs like my license, credit cards, identification card, my SSS card, even blockbuster video card in it. It also contains my family and love ones. Most of all, this is where I keep my hard earned money. My wallet is literally my life. Where ever I go, I bring it with me. It feels comfortable knowing it is within my reach. This is the reason why, I want my wallet to last.

Shopping for a wallet will give you so many choices. If your work is near water or the sea, it would be a good idea to get a waterproof wallet.

Furthermore, I am not a fond of shopping especially repeatedly buying the same stuffs all the time. This is the reason why I like a quality wallet that will last long. For sentimental reasons, I do not like to change wallets all the time.

I sincerely wish that all my other personal stuffs that are quality made will stay with me for a long time.

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