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Are you a true music lover that downloads from recognised outlets and ensures the continuing support of recording artists?

If you are then you will already know just how much this hobby can cost. Even with the price of music dropping drastically there is always going to be a huge tune landing on a radio near you at least weekly and there you have it, you find yourself back at the PC downloading a new album when spare money is hard to come by.

There are a lot of sites to download from but by far the biggest is the iTunes Store which has recently obliterated the 10 Billion download mark since it was launched way back in April 2003. This really is the top of the music download market.

To get onto the official iTunes site you will first need to register for a free account and link your iPod or iPhone to it. After this is done you will find the real magic starts, you start to download and add music to your unit you can purchase and apply iTunes vouchers and gift cards.

Vouchers can be bought in all the usual denominations from almost any type of outlet including newsagents, grocery stores, high street stores and fuel stations. We mentioned the cost of downloading before as this factor can start to get out of hand, a serious music down loader can run up quite a bill but you can stop worrying because we have found a cure for this!

Bringing you the ability to claim Free iTunes Vouchers valued at 50 is a website called FreeiTunes.Co and if you join an affiliate network through them you are faced with a selection of on-line offers. Just select the one that suits you best and complete it, then go on to refer just 3 more people to do the same. The good part is that if you complete just one offer you never have to complete another one yourself and can just keep on referring other people, every 3 completed referrals you gain entitles you to a Free iTunes Voucher.

Claiming these iTunes Vouchers works because of a new advertising campaign by large companies like Intuit, Little Bid Tasty and Lovefilm who are paying good money to affiliate organisations to find them new customers. In turn, the affiliate organisations employ normal people like you and me to work for them and offer gift or cash incentives if you can help them do this. They then use any revenue to pay for your free gift like a Free iTunes Voucher whilst still keeping some profit themselves so why not head on over to FreeiTunes.Co to give yourself a boost with your on-line download credit!

Call on over to Free iTunes Coupon Codes to find out how to claim a Free iTunes Coupon.

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