March 24, 2011 · Web Hosting · Comments Off on Science, Technology, Computers and Cloud Hosting News

Techs to Perform Payload and Spacecraft Inspections Today

Launch Pad 39A crews at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida are preparing for the payload installation into space shuttle Endeavour’s cargo bay scheduled for Friday. Today, technicians will open the payload bay doors and perform inspections on the spacecraft and payload.  Meanwhile, the STS-134 crew will practice flying techniques in their T-38 training aircraft today at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston..more

On January 15, 2011, Wikipedia turned 10

The free encyclopedia anyone can edit celebrates its tenth anniversary. Events and online activities have been organized to commemorate the day..more

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Boeing unveils 747-8 Jumbo Jet

Boeing has its hands full with the final works on the 787 orders but they still have some time to show the public the latest version of the 747 which is the 747-8 Intercontinental that took the spotlights last weekend. The capacity of the new member of their fleet can go from 400 through 500 depending on the seat configuration of the coach seats. To date, the 747-8 is the biggest of the commercial airplanes built by Boeing..more