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Many companies were watching how cloud computing goes before adopting the technology and integrating it into their day-to-day business. Today …


June 27, 2016 · Web Design · Comments Off on ZeroStack offers a private ‘cloud in a box’

If you’re in my age bracket, you might remember this clip of Yosemite Sam yelling at his camel to slow down. He kept yelling, “Whoa, Camel,” but the headstrong camel wouldn’t stop until Yosemite Sam jumped off and hit him on the head. (For you millennials, it used to be OK for kids to watch this stuff.)

A similar trend is happening in IT today. The cloud, specifically public cloud has become all the rage. We’re moving everything to the cloud—storage, apps, compute cycles, communications tools. You name it, there’s a cloud service for it. But are we moving too fast? Should CIOs be yelling, “Whoa cloud, whoa!” And then hitting their IT architects in the head with something?

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